GLMS Merchandising Services

At GLMS Cards we have the expertise and skills to advise the retailer on delivering a unique and compelling assortment.

Our Bespoke lntegrated Planning Service, the leading alternative to brokerage;
  • You retain full control.

  • Your choice of suppliers.

  • Your choice of ranges.

  • Relationships maintained with each supplier.

  • No Contracts.

  • Displays designed and installed.


Our service focuses on sales and stock optimisation. Typically, GLMS Cards would:

  1. Analyse the historical data and the compare it to expectations of store performance when benchmarked against similar stores (and other stores in the chain if any).
  2. Plan monthly sales and markdown budgets (using expenses, cashflow and required return as primary guidleines). This takes into account the seasonal nature of the merchandise.
  3. Plan an "open to buy" (OTB) budget, again using the parameters above.
  4. Suggest a merchandise "buy" across a number of  dimensions for each month. These are typically dictated by the store profile but tend to always include the following:
    •  Type of merchandise (consumable, non-consumables, gifts, novelty items, consignment stock, etc.)
    • Price point.
    • Vendor.
    • Margin.
    • Stockturn.

The Service

  1. Initial range selection together with retailer.
  2. Stock and sales plan for an initial period, usually 6 months.
  3. Display selection, design and in-store placement.
  4. Pictorial plan-o-grams of the stock for both optimal sales and easy management by store staff.
  5. Sales monitoring.
  6. Sales reports across a number of metrics - range, size, price, etc.
  7. Suggested replenishment orders.


Best Solutions

We have a number of smaller retailers who sucessfully use this service to optimise their sales and stock, as well as to ensure that the range offered in their store is correct.

This service is not limited to retailers who stock GLMS merchandise exclusively. We are able to offer planning services across suppliers and different merchandise types.